Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Hair

Most girls spend lots of money just to take care of their hair. Some would go to the salon to have their hair treated for rebond or hair spa or hair relax or just about anything to make their hair more beautiful than ever. While others just spend their money on products such as Goldwell haircare for shampoo, conditioner and other treatment that can be done at home. I myself go to salon at least once a year for treatment but at least twice a year for hair cut. I just apply conditioner on my hair to maintain it. How about you, how do you take care of your hair?


  1. i apply mayonnaise if my hair is too dry na mas cheaper kesa parlor eh :)

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  2. I go to salon every 3 months for trimming and hair care treatments. My wife also uses Mayonnaise to moisturize her hair.

  3. haha
    very true!
    thats the touchy point for the girls :P their hair must always look good :)

  4. HAHA
    very true
    girls spend actually alot on hair and they never think that its too much :P


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