Friday, February 25, 2011

Where is redamethyst?

I am just here at your back stalking you. Hehehe. Seriously, I have been missing in action for the past months. Just take a look at my archive and as of today, I only made 4 posts for 2011! I just don’t know what disease stroke me for not posting actively in my first blog. I have made some post on my other sites, but this site was taken for granted. I haven’t shared you the latest sites I joined, the latest payments I receive or the latest buzz in the internet. There is just a bit struggle on my side especially with my very liable internet connection wherein I can surf without problems only when its midnight, which is time for sleeping. Aside from that, I am working in an office now for a short project based job.

But I hope when March comes in, I can update this blog more often and of course my other blogs too. I need to post about 16 blog post on My Red Hot Reviews and about 30 posts on The Adventurous Little Prince so it will be qualified for payu. I still need to renew my domain and transfer the review site to wordpress which means I need money for it, which means I need to look for new sites to join and to earn money. Care to share new sites?

And before this post ends, I would like to thank all of my visitors, bloggers who left their comments, those who left their message on my shout box. I do hope that I can return your visit one of these days.


  1. korek! MIA ka talaga red..nice to see here again..

  2. Now that you're back, at least you could do some improvement on your blog. Not necessarily you're going to update on it from to time to time. At least if you have time and you're not busy anymore. Anyways, this is your blog. Just keep working and God bless.

  3. I have heard first time about this term red amethyst. You are back here. And sharing your bad as well as bad experiences which are very nice.


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