Sunday, December 2, 2012

Small Business for You

Want to get rich? I’m sure most of you would want to get rich, I myself would want to get rich and one of the ways to getting rich is having your business. There are different businesses that a people can get into but why not start with small business? Operations that one can focus on while doing other stuffs.

 I’ve attended a seminar about being successful on business and the speakers do encourage on starting with a small business that one like so much, maybe start with a hobby and try to make it earn something. One need not leave the current work, it is encouraged that even if one is working, he can still have a side line or a part time business. Like this season, if one’s hobby is to cook, maybe he can cook and sell something that can be served for Noche Buena, and sell it among his colleagues and friends.

Another business or investment that one can venture into is the stock market, but this is not about buying and selling alone, this is about a long term investment. A certain company, citiseconline, is helping people to invest on stock market as it is a good way to invest money, just putting 10 – 20% of your income monthly to invest can give you a lot of rewards in the end.


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