Friday, August 24, 2012

Offshore Solutions

One of the most in demand job opportunities in the Philippines belongs to the call center industry. Call center agents for customer service, technical supports and other positions are mostly being needed by different companies. Generally, these companies have international clients wherein they choose to get the services of companies from different locations or what they call offshore services. Little did I know that not only call centers have offshore services but outsourcing in the manufacturing industry is in demand as well.

I found a website while searching for something called Entrada group. Upon browsing at their site, I learned that Entrada is one of the companies that offer Manufacturing in Mexico. This company will help other company who wants to have manufacturing operations in Mexico. Having an Entrada partner, a company need not to worry about the growth of the company in Mexico as Entrada will offers services from Human Resources, Export and Import, Purchasing, financial and accounting services, IT services to Government and Community affairs. This is a great opportunity not just for the company who wants to expand but also for the people of Mexico because this would be an added job opportunities for them. The site also offers webinar for those who want to know more about their company. 

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