Sunday, June 20, 2010

Update, Update

It’s been a long time since I last updated this blog. To think this is my first ever blog. Upon checking the archives it shows that I made 6 posts only for June. Arrggh! Is that what I call money site, updates and more. I know one of the reasons that I don’t have updates here is that I don’t earn enough because I am not focused with my ways to earn online. I am too busy with my farm and café. Haha! I really need to control my FB time. Aside from that, whenever I want to use the computer my son wants to use it too. When it’s sleeping time for him, he wants me to sleep beside him. But when he’s busy with the play station I would be busy with my household chores. So, I don’t have enough time to join new money earning sites, much more update my existing sites. But when August comes, I would be very active here again (hopefully!) because my life will change and I posted about it here on what change would happen. I will need all the possible ways to earn online and it means I would be updating this blog more often. And of course, on August I would be celebrating my first anniversary as a blogger. I plan to have a blog contest and I want it to have big prizes, I just hope I can gather many sponsors to gather enough prizes. This is not yet my invite but please prepare your pledges. Heheh. ‘til then!


  1. lovely blog you have here :) just stumble upon your page! feel free to drop by my site and leave comments! take care & have a great day!! :)

    jen from

  2. ahahah nice one :D when i want to make my blog posts, my son would want to play PVZ, and when i get him to play cars with his psp, that's the only time i could use my laptop

  3. is not easy being mom need to take care son and chores. sometimes you think you need more hands to do things.

  4. yeah your contest caught my attention. I like the prizes

  5. mine too, sometime napapabyaan ko blog ko. pero di dahil sa kaadikan sa fb kundi sa busy busyhan ko as a mom hehe


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