Sunday, June 6, 2010

Page Rank retained

I am happy that this site has retained its page rank, unlike my personal site and my contest site wherein their page rank was not retained. Simple pero Rock has now a page rank of 1 from PR 2, while Contests, Freebies & Giveaways Craze lost its page rank of one. As for My Red Hot Reviews, I am not expecting a rank because it is still new, just a one month old blog. Actually, I am not expecting that my personal site will have a decrease on the ranking because I sponsored some contest and I gained some back links. I have more blog posts there too compared to this site. Maybe, the sponsored posts that I have had affected the ranking. When it comes to my contest site, I guess it’s my fault because I have not updated it like before. I don’t even know if I get back links for that site, except of course from the links coming from BC Bloggers. One thing is for sure, I have to work hard again so that on the next update, my blogs will have a good page rank again.

Have you checked your rankings lately? How was it?


  1. hi sis! my page rank was also retained.

  2. did Google PR released new ranking for our blogs recently? Will check for my blogs if they did great for this update. thanks!

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  3. hi :) mine was also retained...hmn..i think i still need to update it more and to promote it as well. so it will increase its rank...i'm still on PR1 but it's ok i didn't lose my PR..hehe :D

  4. I'm not so much interested with page rank. I think the best part is to have more relevant backlinks than PR. Cheers for your journey!

  5. paano kaya ako masasali sa mga may atleast PR lang hindi NA ahahah

  6. yeah page rank I need them for my blogs too.

  7. i have a pr3 blog before but i lost it dahil sa kapabayaan ko. having a high pr will give u a lot of opp. my blog is quite new so i am really hoping to have a high pagerank on google next update lol


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