Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Benefits for those on Disability

Social Security Laws Protect Those on Disability

The United States government offers two different types of programs for those diagnosed with disabilities. The Social Security program itself guarantees that those with certain disabilities that keep them from working a traditional job can get benefits that take the place of their lost income. Another program, called the Supplemental Security Income program, guarantees that they can get supplemental income when their disabilities prevent them from working for a specific period of time. While the laws in this country protect those with disabilities, many people aren't aware of how the program works or what their rights are.

Who Qualifies Under the Law?

Under the laws in the United States, you can only qualify for disability income if you previously worked a job where you paid into the Social Security fund. As long as you worked full or part time for one or more companies that took taxes and other money out of your income, you should qualify. The amount of money that you receive from the government every night varies based on your age and how much money you paid into the fund in the past.

Can You Continue Working?

One of the misconceptions about Social Security is that once you receive disability funds, you cannot work again. Before you can draw any money, the government will look at your disabilities and whether you can work. You might find that you can work part time at a specific job and still draw money. Many people who do work even a few hours every week will see the size of their government checks drop. If you work from home, work as a contract employee or work as an independent freelancer, you will also see a reduction in the benefits you can get from the government.

How to Apply for Benefits

To apply for Social Security benefits, you need to complete an application. The application is available online and from local government offices. It usually takes a minimum of three months up to a maximum of six months before you will hear anything about your claim. You'll need to present documentation from your doctors to verify your disabilities, and you'll also need to bring in tax and employment records to show how much you made in the past. With help from and other legal sites, you can easily complete your application and get your benefits faster.


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