Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Red Hot Reviews: Blogger to WordPress

I have owned My Red Hot Reviews for more than a year already and it has always been hosted at blogger. But since most of the advertisers want a self hosted blogs, even micro employers at microworkers prefer self hosted blogs, so I decided to transfer MRHR to wordpress with the help of Mommy Rubz. Since, I availed the bronze package for my baby blog, I just added this site to it and pay a minimal fee for the transfer.  Looks like I am going to miss this Red Hot design.

So now, everything is done, my site is up again and I just looked for a temporary theme in the meantime that I can't afford a customized design, so here it is:

It is still red, though it is not "hot" anymore. What do you think? This theme is still temporary but it is the best among the red themes that I found. Maybe, if I have more time I can search for a better theme. In the meantime, I hope to see you there. Thanks


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